Five months before the Islamic Solidarity Games, the Chefs de Mission hold their first meeting

Chefs de Mission Meeting Konya 2021

Five months before the Islamic Solidarity Games Konya 2021, the Chefs de Mission hold their first meeting

Cameroon is represented at this meeting by Mr. AMINOU MOHAMADOU in his capacity as Head of Mission for these games.

This meeting is indeed an opportunity for the Chefs de Mission to have all the necessary information on the level of preparation of the local organizing committee of these games and also to know the infrastructures which will be put at the disposal of their respective delegations.

From the 18th to the 19th March 2022, the delegations present visited the sports facilities and the Games Village.

On March 20th 2022, was held the meeting of the chefs of Mission itself.

On March 21th 2022, took place the press conference was hosted by the Turkish Minister of Youth and Sports and the Supervision and Coordination Commission of the ISSF which had as chairman is Mr. Hamad KALKABA MALBOUM, deputy Vice President of the ISSF.

Let us recall that these 5th Islamic Solidarity Games will be held from the 9th to 18th August 2022 in Konya, with about 3000 athletes expected.

355 medals will be awarded in 24 sports disciplines.